5 Style Commandments, according to Miss Piggy

Yes, Miss Piggy, a style icon that has creatively captured trends from the past 30+ years. (For a detailed “style watch” check out this article from IAmYardRock.com) What caught our eye after reading this article was Miss Piggy’s 5 Style Commandments. As a ploy to get consumers excited about the new Muppets movie (out now), InStyle (November 2011 issue) magazine sat down with Miss Piggy and let this fashionable icon indulge with a few tips.

“Style is about impressing your inner self, capturing your personal ethos, and, most importantly spending someone else’s money.”

“Being stylish means constantly maintaining your image, updating your look, and destroying old photos that show you with big hair and wearing spandex.”

“Always, always dress for yourself. Other wise it gets way too crowded in the dessing room.”

“Clothes are like friends: They should always complement your appearance.”

“Beauty is all about loving who your are. And if you have problems with that, may I suggest that you try loving who I am?”

Of course the commandments are delivered in a joking fashion but hold true to some good points!! Especially #4 “Clothes are like friends: They should always complement your appearance.” . . . sigh if everyone lived by that, we’d be bored without those embarrassing fashion mishaps photos we love to see!!

Check out a few more looks from Miss Piggy’s InStyle Spread: