What exactly is earlace?

Just one of the HOTTEST fashion trends this year. Made popular by this picture of Rihanna:

Available in all shapes in sizes, it’s a combination of a necklace and earrings . . . that’s about it. Nothing complex just earrings attached to a necklace or a necklace attached to earrings, or one long pair of connected earrings, however you want to describe it, EARLACE is definitely a HOT accessory!

here is a few Earlaces we carry at oOo!



No? You don’t know what it is? Well, if you love to carry a nice bag, than this accessory is a NECESSITY.

Stop setting your bag on the floor, on the table, in the booth or the back of the chair, just hang it neatly from the table.

Fits easily in your bag and attaches to the edge of any table. Hook your bag on the end and you’re done!