oOo! Terms :: BodyCon

Do you know what a BODYCON DRESS is? Short for “body conscious”, this style re-entered the fashion world from it’s dormant 80s sleep around 2008. It basically desrcibes anything that is skin tight and snug around your body. Something that of course “body conscious” people would dare to wear.

Body con dresses actually fit many shapes because of the body hugging snug fit that sucks you in and smoothes out your shape. As the trend progresses it’s moved on to include, skin tight pencil skirts, high waisted jeans paired w/ body suits, and snug dresses sans the bandage wrapped look, etc . . .


Do you know your ANIMAL PRINTS?

With animal prints coming out in different colors, paired with different designs, some aren’t as easy to recognize. Still important to know, fellas you wouldn’t want the miss telling you, she has CHEETAH print shoes, and you bring her back a TIGER print belt! (are we missing any patterns? let us know!!)

Now we pulled the Cheetah, Jaguar, and Leopard prints out from above because well they are quiet similar, even with seeing this, can you really tell the difference?

What’s your favorite pattern? And how do you like to wear it?

oOo! Terms – RED BOTTOMS

“Red Bottoms” refer to Christian Louboutin’s trademark red soles of his designer shoes. A phrase that is becoming feverishly popular in lyric references.

“The ones beneath me recognize the red bottoms I wear”Rick Ross

Can you properly say LOUBOUTIN? Probably not, here is the prounounciation: