What’s the color for now? And next season? “BURNT” As color blocking transitions from fashionistas and runways to creative everyday style seekers, this fall fashion line up moves from BRIGHT to BURNT, and will be a heavy influence in the Winter and Spring seasons.

Colors like burnt orange, plum, mahogany, mustard yellow, the colors are so deep and rich, perfect for color blocking. Check out some of the “burnt” colors from Gucci’s 2011 Fall collection.



What exactly is earlace?

Just one of the HOTTEST fashion trends this year. Made popular by this picture of Rihanna:

Available in all shapes in sizes, it’s a combination of a necklace and earrings . . . that’s about it. Nothing complex just earrings attached to a necklace or a necklace attached to earrings, or one long pair of connected earrings, however you want to describe it, EARLACE is definitely a HOT accessory!

here is a few Earlaces we carry at oOo!