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the CLOSET!!! Get it Organized!!!

Your closet . . . if it was already organized you wouldn’t be reading this article.

So let’s get to it step #1 – Admit your closet needs help and prepare yourself to tackle it.

Now after you’ve done that, let’s move onto step #2 – What’s actually wrong with the closet. Do you have too much in a little space? Enough space but unorganized? Not enough shelving or hanging space? Once you’ve conquered this, it will help determine if you just need to let go of a few things or buy storage containers/helpers.

#3 & #4 – These 2 are in your favor, depending on how you work. The next step after #2 should either be Sorting & Letting Go  then Creating Your Space, or Creating Your Space then Sorting & Letting Go. Depending on what your closet looks like, you might be able to look at it and immediately say I just need to add a few bins and then sort through and fold/put away. However, you might have a OMG I have things in here from 15 years ago, my shelf broke, I need to sort out and let go and then see what’s left and what I need to get.

Either way you tackle steps #3 & #4, sorting is still very important. Separate your seasonal items for out of season storage. Rid yourself of items that are just taking up space and begging for moths.

#5 MAINTAIN IT!! Once you have taken your time to clean out and organize your closet don’t put it to waste. Especially if this journey had you purchase storage helpers. Put things a way at night, or replace them when you take something else out, if you work at this, it should become routine!

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oOo! Terms :: BodyCon

Do you know what a BODYCON DRESS is? Short for “body conscious”, this style re-entered the fashion world from it’s dormant 80s sleep around 2008. It basically desrcibes anything that is skin tight and snug around your body. Something that of course “body conscious” people would dare to wear.

Body con dresses actually fit many shapes because of the body hugging snug fit that sucks you in and smoothes out your shape. As the trend progresses it’s moved on to include, skin tight pencil skirts, high waisted jeans paired w/ body suits, and snug dresses sans the bandage wrapped look, etc . . .

Nicki’s Brilliant in Teal

As we have all seen in the past, Nicki Minaj wears some very “creative” outfits. Call it style, fashion, or just plain ridiculous, we have to give the raptress a round of applause. Last night at the Grammy Nominations Concert, she looked fab!

Wearing a strapless, teal bodycon dress, with matching nail color, paired with a bright pink wig and coordinating pump, Nicki Minaj was tamed and chic. (Surely, she’ll be just the opposite at the actual awards ceremony)